George Lifchits

A hacker who means business.

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I'm a graduate of the business and computer science double degree program at Wilfrid Laurier University. This program allowed me to simultaneously study the functional areas of business as well as the principles of computer science. During my time at Laurier I took courses ranging from finance to quantum computing, travelled the world with the debating team, slugged back many litres of black Starbucks blonde roast, and engaged my peers in both educated discussions and meaningless banter.

I'm a skilled developer with substantial experience working on the full stack. My current expertise is in Python and Javascript with a focus on React.js web apps, but I enjoy challenges and applying tech to new and interesting problem domains. Keeping on top of developments in the tech world is important to me for understanding new ways of solving problems and new potential business opportunities. Staying well-rounded is crucial to me! I also can't help but sustain a nerdy enthusiasm for academic developments in the field, but I admit I'm better at reading code than reading papers.

I have knowledge of the business world and a firm understanding of business logic. School has exposed me to critical business thinking via the case method and a number of required courses in accounting, marketing, operations, finance, and strategy. Although I currently focus on my skills as a developer, I use my business acumen to guide me through decision-making amongst ambiguity. I aspire to one day lead a team to build a product. I will also note that I'm comfortable using language such as “synergy”, “ROI”, “value-creating”, and “moving the needle”.

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